Project - Blower Plant Vibration

Setting up a plant with multiple blowers andpipelines is a challenge.
ISO certification needs the plant to be studied for external and internal vibrations due to the operating range of multiple blowers.
Natural frequency analysis and dynamic response analysis was performed to identify the critical locations of the plant and suggest suitable corrections according to ISO standards.
The project was completed successfully and performed using the software ANSYS.
Natural frequency was identified using Modal analysis and dynamic response was studied using Harmonic response analysis.


Project - Heat sink Design

Heat is a very common problem in the electronics design industry and electronics cooling is a major part of solving this heat generation
IUsing fans and other external parts are difficult and hence a heat sink would be a perfect solution.
Design of heat sink was performed to help the generated heat from the electronic device. Sink was optimized and small air flow was introduced to reduce the heat content in the box.
CFD and Thermal analysis was done to improve the design of heat sink. Over 25 designs were evaluated to achieve the best solution for the customer.
We have experienced CFD and Thermal specialists to work on heating and cooling applications.


Project - Multi - Axis Robot

Automation of manufacturing and simple assembly operations have become a common thing. Still, the use of universal industrial robots are expensive for some simple tasks.
Hence, we received a project to have a 6 axis mobile robot to perform low payload and light weight tasks on a large scale.
We worked from the basic feasibility study, concept design, mechanical simulation, control design until the final detailed design of the robot.
The deliverables were the 2D drawing for manufacturing and 3D CAD models along with all the required documentations.


Project - Centrifugal Pump Design

Pump is a very common component for fluid transfer and it has been a mature industry for quite a long time. Centrifugal pump is the most common type among all the pumps.
The project was to change the design of the pump to achieve higher efficiency without changing the motor speed and power consumption.
Our team has done CFD simulations for different designs and made changes to other components including impeller vanes and housing design to achieve the objective
We have approximately done about 15 design and simulation iterations to achieve 150% output without changing the motor power consumption.


Project - Design for 3D Printing

Additive manufacturing is the latest technology that allows us to manufacture various components with variety of shapes without constraints compared to traditional manufacturing techniques
This project was provided to us to convert the existing component into a lightweight 3D printed part.
We have done the structural analysis to maintain the stability of the part and using topology optimization techniques to reduce the mass and maintain the rigidity.
The part was successfully manufactured by 3D printing and we provided the 3d model input for the 3D printer using our tools considering all the variables in the additive manufacturing.


Project - Milling Simulation

Manufacturing process is a very important part of product development cycle and it involves raw material cost, machine cost and manpower cost.
We provided an efficient method of tooling and tool path simulation of the part to reduce the material wastage and reduce the cost of manufacturing.
Along with the manufacturing simulation, we also provided G-codes (Machine CNC codes) for them to use for the deployment in manufacturing.


Project - VR for Defence

The project provided was to create an application in VR to view different flights through VR.
Understanding the characteristics of the plane using the VR features like 360 view, aircraft noise and the speed of flight.
This application enabled their trainees to get the real feel from the room.