At VMTL, we have a track record of delivering innovative and reliable engineering solutions to help our clients achieve their business goals. Our team of experienced engineers and designers has worked on a wide range of projects in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and more.

Project - Blower Plant Vibration

Setting up a plant with multiple blowers and pipelines is a challenge.
ISO certification needs the plant to be studied for external and internal vibrations due to the operating range of multiple blowers.
Natural frequency analysis and dynamic response analysis was performed to identify the critical locations of the plant and suggest suitable corrections according to ISO standards.
The project was completed successfully and performed using the software ANSYS.
Natural frequency was identified using Modal analysis and dynamic response was studied using Harmonic response analysis.

project completed on blower in a plant using CFD analysis

Project - Aerospace Reverse Engineering

Aircraft spare parts are difficult to obtain as the OEM deems it as obsolete.
Provided with physical component, we were able to reverse engineer and manufacture the spare part.
Physical scanning, 2D drawing to 3D CAD modelling and provided updated drawing for high-tech manufacturing with high precision.
The spare part was improved and now available for all the products with a lead time of one month.
Reverse engineering is our specialization and we have right people and tools for the same.

project done on heatsink design and simulation

Project - Backpack Design

A design requirement for a customized backpack for high altitude heat resistant backpack was received.
With our engineering expertise, we designed the backpack with a lead time of 2 weeks using Solid Works software.
The proposed design was approved by the client's customer and also the client received their contract as it satisfied all the requirements.
Our product development team can help you develop innovative customized cost effective product in a short lead time.

project on design and development of a backpack for Indian Army

Project - Centrifugal Pump Design

Another reverse engineering project, where old Indian Railways pump was redesigned for higher efficiency.
Scope of the project was to convert the physical part into 3D model and perform engineering analysis for improvement.
Our team has done CFD simulations for different designs and made changes to other components including impeller vanes and housing design to achieve the objective
We have approximately done about 15 design and simulation iterations to achieve 125% output without changing the motor power consumption.

project on reverse engineering a centrifugal pump from scratch

Project - Plant Level CAD Design

An existing large manufacturing plant was requested to be converted to 3D model for plant improvement and 3D animation purposes.
Our digital asset team worked on the large plant to bring it back to life in 3D and into the digital world.
The conversion has helped our client improve the plant process and achieved a large cost savings.
Our delivery was plant animation and 3D digital asset for the clients, if you have similar requirement contact us now.

Project on 3D Modeling of a complete processing plant

Project - Thermoforming Simulation

Advanced FEA & CFD analysis of thermoforming was performed for improving the sheet thickness of plastics and get manufacturing right first time.
We performed the Thermoforming PolyFlow analysis using ANSYS and provided the improvement suggestion for the same.
We have advanced CAE skilled team, who can provide advanced simulations for your product improvement. We received repeat request for this analysis from the same customer.

Project on engineering analysis and simulation of SPA mould using Thermoforming Analysis

Project - Training and Placement

We offer comprehensive engineering training including CAD, FEA, CFD and Product design at our partner office in Coimbatore.
We have trained more than 250+ Engineers, 500+ Students and 10+ corporate trainings.
Our placement has received accolades and we have done placement to Engineering companies and educational institutions.