Simulation Driven Product Development


Virtual Prototyping

Prototyping is an important component of any idea, product or innovation. It is considered as the most important step and mostlyperformed by Research and Development department. Till date, almost all the products are built with multiple prototypes costing the company both time and money.
We provide our expertise in generating the prototypes in virtual, which are accurate to the reality and enable you to build the prototype in first time, reducing the cost and time significantly.
This technology has been used by sophisticated companies like NASA, Lockheed Martin and Boeing, due to the extreme cost and limited skill availability.
We bring this technology to you due to the advancement in technology and our expert resources from Singapore. Interested to convert your idea to a virtual prototype and visualize, contact us now.

Simulation based product development

System Modelling for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

As Industry 4.0 and IoT are increasing importance along with the need of data. In order to implement AI and ML technology, thereare some data which cannot be obtained and needs the help of system modelling.
Machine learning and Artificial intelligence is developed using the data from the source, which is limited by the available sensors. This sensor limitation can be overcome using the System modelling.
Our system engineering experts will provide you the ability to create accurate system models which will provide additional data to the Artificial Intelligence model and Machine learning models.
System models are developed using the industry standard software MATLAB & Simulink, following the standards of INCOSE.

System Modelling for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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