AR/VR Application for Marketing & Sales:

The marketing and sales in the current scenario is done through direct sales and meeting customers. With the increase in online and digital sales & marketing., it is wise to promote and sell the product online.
In order to create a magical experience for the customer to purchase, take the advantage of the latest immersion technology of AR/VR to create mobile & headset based applications to showcase your product.
Our experience with AR/VR and available expertise, we will be able to deliver customized application which can be used in Android, iOS, HTC Vive and Oculus devices.
The new experience will provide you an easy advantage over your competitors. Contact Us to know more.

Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

AR/VR Application for Training:

Paper and PDF based training is done for all the training at present for maintenance, repair, operation and assembly manuals.
We will provide Augmented and Virtual reality based interactive training manuals to improve your capability and reduction in errors.
It is proven in aerospace and aviation industry that the training has improved significantly by reducing the time by 60% and cost of failure by 80%.
Your training needs with immersive technology will be addressed with fully customized solution. Contact us now.


Virtual Reality Application for Walkthrough:

Infrastructure projects are large and very tedious to visualize upfront and has a potential to overlook many details.
We help to convert your paper based plans to immersive real size plans to have an immersive experience using the VR Technology, providing a detailed insight into your projects.
Immersive walkthrough provides an opportunity to observe in detail and make changes to the plans before execution to have a 100%accurate plans saving a huge amount of cost and time.
Contact Us now to get a quote and start taking advantage of the Virtual Reality experience.


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