Virtual Reality Application development

VR Application development:
  • Virtual reality provides a different perspectives to provide the realistic projections of the design, simulation and assembly.
  • Product details, training and user guides can be provided in VR to enhance the experience of the product which can boost the sales.
  • Applications are developed for Windows, Android and iOS and for the VR headsets such as Cardboard, Daydream, Oculus and Vive.
Engineering in VR:
  • Product Design Review during the design stage with virtual reality.
  • Engineering design presentation to management for better understanding of the working of the product.
  • Continuous update of design along with development process can be done in VR, which will enable VR for complete product development cycle.
Product Marketing and Buy-off:
  • Product advertisement is done in VR space.
  • Customer VR presentation during the buy-off enables easy buy-off and
  • The buy-off customization can be done before the order and manufactured after obtaining the order.
After sales service in VR:
  • Service manuals for the maintenance engineers and service engineers can save time and cost of training and expertise of the sales and service engineers.
  • In some cases, the product maintenance can be a VR app that can be sold with the product for general maintenance by the user themselves.