Engineering Analysis

Finite Element Analysis :
  • Finite element analysis (FEA) is the modelling of products and systems in a virtual environment, for the purpose of finding and solving
    potential (or existing) structural or performance issues.
  • Structural design margin evaluation, linear and non-linear material evaluation, impact analysis including drop tests.
  • Along with this we also perform dynamic structural analysis to understand the vibrational and damping behaviour of your product.
  • Finite element services are performed by experts in structural analysis, following industrial standards for simulation.
  • Our partnership with NAFEMS makes our simulations standard and High quality based on the international standard.
Computational Fluid Dynamics And Thermal Analysis :
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a branch of fluid mechanics that uses numerical analysis and data structures to analyse and
    solve problems that involve fluid flows.
  • Internal and external flow study for various applications including liquids and gases for bigger and smaller structures.
  • Acoustics study for various design standards from acoustics related to buildings till acoustics for Micro structures are done.
  • Thermal analysis of cooling and heating structures to optimize the heat generation to get maximum efficiency.
  • Our capability also includes advanced studies like Fluid Structure Interactions (FSI), Transient CFD and also customized analysis
    using User Defined Functions (UDF).
Design Optimization :
  • Optimizing a design for lower cost, achieving specification and improving the functionality.
  • We perform different types of Optimization which includes Topology Optimization, Parameter optimization, design
    optimization and DOE study.
  • Design optimization can be done for all types of analysis FEA, CFD, Thermal, Acoustics, Noise, Electrical and Electronic design
  • The optimized design is then tested virtually to confirm the behavior, thus saving cost, time and effort.
  • This methodology is proven to provide innovative design results, and the new design is reliable and robust.